I love drinking beer, but because of the stomach issues that I get when I consume gluten, I had found myself not being able to drink as much as I used to.  I was out with a friend the other day and we went to a bar.  When he offered to buy me a beer, I told him that I had to decline because I simply could not handle the gluten.  That was when he told me about gluten free aclohol.  Of course, he did not know what brands of beer were gluten free, which meant that it did not really help me right at that moment, as I would not have known what sort of beer I would be able to order that would not cause some issues for me.  However, it did allow me to keep in mind there are certain beers that my stomach would be able to handle.

I went online with a simple search, and I was able to find a list of the brands of beer that do not contain any gluten, as well as a list of beers that have very small amounts of it.  By gathering this info, I was able to compile a list.  The best part about the whole thing was that these were all premium beers, and that meant that I could still enjoy a nice, hoppy beer without having the stomach issues and rashes that would regularly pop up when I consumed gluten.

The next time I went out to the bar with my friend, I knew exactly what sort of beer I wanted to order.  The only issue at that point was making sure that we found a bar that served the beer that I wanted.  Thankfully, that was not nearly as difficult to do as I had originally thought.  In fact, most of the bars that I have gone to since I made this discovery have offered at least one of the beers that are on my gluten free list.  This has made going out a whole lot more enjoyable for me, and it has also allowed me to enjoy myself without having negative effects the next day.

gluten free aclohol

If you enjoy beer but can’t handle gluten, I would definitely suggest that you look for the gluten free beers that are out there.  They aren’t just gluten free, but they’re also tasty.